Shay Hicks


Universal Studios/ Fireball Run                                                                                 7/13-9/13

Intern/ Producer/ Technical Director

Producer/ Technical Director for all live shows for Fireball Run Adventure Rally


University of Colorado Sports Information, Boulder, CO                                        8/10-5/13

Student Employee/ Basketball and Volleyball Statistician

Keep statistics for Volleyball and Basketball

Contribute and edit on and Colorado Athletics Facebook page


Westwood One Radio, Denver, CO                                                                              12/12-9/13


Show Prep for the Dave Otto In The Morning show

Contribute and post on Dave Otto In The Morning Facebook page


Hour Of Faith Podcast                                                                                                 6/13-Present

Creator/ Writer/ Producer/ Talent

Creates show ideas/ edits, cuts, produces audio

Discussion and music format released once a week., Denver, CO                                                                                      6/13-Present

Play By Play/ Color Commentator

On Air Talent


Ohio Center for Broadcasting Studio O, Lakewood, CO                                         09/12-12/12

       Talk Radio Host/ Podcaster

Hosted a solo one-hour Colorado Sports-exclusive show, All-Colorado Sports


Ralston Valley High School Xpress Newspaper, Arvada, CO                                  08/07-6/10
Sports Editor, Columnist, Reporter
Had a monthly sports column in every issue

Designed pages on Adobe Indesign programs



Colorado Media School, Lakewood, CO

Graduated October 4, 2013

University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO
Current Undergraduate, Expected graduation spring of 2015

Ralston Valley High School, Arvada, CO

       Graduated June 2010     


Adobe Audition, Audio Board, Writing/Editing, Video Editing, Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook),  

Cool Edit, Stat Crew, Indesign

John Basile, Internet Streaming Solutions                                                   312-802-1410

Dave Otto, Dial Global Radio Host                                                                  303-913-3737
David Plati, University of Colorado Sports Information Director         303-492-6128
Wes Tuthill, Dairy Queen Manager                                                                  303-940-6863
Jeff Fleischman, Ralston Valley High School Newspaper Advisor          303-517-7984