My list of weird Olympic Sports

For some reason the winter Olympics always sneak up on me. I love the summer games so much that it feels like an eternity from one Olympiad to another. But I sometimes forget about the winter Olympics, most likely because I don’t care as much about winter sports as I do about the summer games.

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I call foul on new rules in NCAA Basketball

110493011_display_imageFirst off, let me come clean, I am a Duke fan. Okay everyone roll your eyes and sigh. But yes I have seen a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on the hallowed grounds of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Continue reading

My Creation of a Sport

Cornhole Board USA. Made in Switzerland. Also ...

Cornhole Board USA. Made in Switzerland. Also known as the “Bean Bag” game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look out world. Joel Nelson and Shay Hicks are on to something. Everyone wants to invent a sport. How often does it really happen and it makes total sense? Not too often. Even Harry Potter’s Quidditch had some holes in it. But I believe our game, Cornhole Hangman could become the greatest game ever. In this blog contains the official rules of the game that we invented. Continue reading

Sigh, Dont Be Stupid Please

English: No offense to anyone, but I think the...

English: No offense to anyone, but I think the photos in the article for Folsom Field are pretty bad. I’m uploading these photos I took so I can put them on the article eventually. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I received the news on mothers day. My friend Joel Nelson and I were busy inventing a sport which I will write about later. I then heard that Jordan Webb, the primary starter at quarterback in Colorado’s abysmal 1-11 season, and Alex Lewis, who the day before announced his intent to transfer to Nebraska (smh), were arrested with suspicion of second degree assault. Continue reading

Really Mark Jackson, I mean Really?

Denver Nuggets primary logo and the Nuggets be...

Denver Nuggets primary logo and the Nuggets bench, including head coach George Karl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was tired last night. I had a long day and when I knew the Nuggets had Golden State beat in Game 5, I went to bed. I was pleased with the Nuggets play. They played physical and didn’t let the Warriors do whatever they wanted to do on offense like they had all series. They made life a nightmare for Steph Curry who only needed to get three 3-pointers last night to break the record for most three pointers in a players first five playoff games.

So I went to bed early only to wake up to find Mark Jackson was up late complaining about the Nuggets ‘Dirty’ play last night. At first I thought it was a joke, and a funny one at that, so I laughed. But then I realized he was actually serious about it. Continue reading

Why I laugh at the NFL Draft

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell o...

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell on the sidelines during a home game against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons won 24-0. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah it’s that time of year. Baseball season is getting into full swing, the NBA Playoffs are underway. The sun is  coming out and temperature is wonderful. But it is all overshadowed by a three day event in late April every year. Continue reading