Why I laugh at the NFL Draft

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell o...

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell on the sidelines during a home game against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons won 24-0. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah it’s that time of year. Baseball season is getting into full swing, the NBA Playoffs are underway. The sun is  coming out and temperature is wonderful. But it is all overshadowed by a three day event in late April every year.

The NFL draft may be the most over watched sporting event every year. Fans sit around the television waiting for ten minutes each to see who their favorite team is going to take. Others watch to see where their favorite college football player will end up. But in reality how important is the draft? Well it is important, if you draft well then your team has a bright future. However how can we tell if a team drafted well?

My favorite team, the Denver Broncos, on paper, had a solid, good not great, draft. The Broncos website, (denverbroncos.com) posted what all the “experts” are saying about the draft Denver just orchestrated. Of the ten grades they received, they had an overall draft GPA of 2.60. The highest grade they received was a B, and the lowest they received was a C. But here is my question, how on earth do these “experts” know how well Denver Drafted in this years Draft?

Tom Brady, a first-ballot-hall-of-famer was the 199th overall pick in the 2,000 NFL draft. I wonder what kind of draft grades the Patriots received that year. Overall actually only player the Patriots drafted that year who became someone in the NFL was Brady, but he is the cornerstone to three championships and five appearances in the Super Bowl. I don’t care who else the Patriots drafted and what became of them, I give the 2,000 Patriots draft an A+ grade. What else could I give them when they got a guy that has won NFL MVP twice, two super bowl MVP’s, and holds the record for touchdown passes in a season?

In 2007 the Raiders had the number overall pick in the Draft. “JaMarcus Russell is going to energize that Raider Nation fan base and that football team. He has the most superior arm and in two to three years the Raiders may have one of the best quarterbacks in the league,” Mel Kiper ESPN NFL analyst said after the Raiders used their number one selection on JaMarcus Russell. Russell was a disaster. He never won (7-18 overall career record), was selfish, and had the worst work ethic in the league. He set the Raiders back even further and after 3 years was released. The Raiders were praised for this pick, but now it is obvious he was one of the worst picks in NFL history.

My point is, why is it so important to judge how teams drafted in this years draft. Who knows, one of Denver’s pics was a kid out of Miami of Ohio named Zack Dysert in the 7th round. Maybe he is the next Tom Brady.

Lets be patient. This could be the best draft Denver has ever had but we don’t know. I say now is the time to start grading the 2011 NFL Draft. It is like a teacher grading a kids English paper based purely on the works cited page instead of the body of work.


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