Sigh, Dont Be Stupid Please

English: No offense to anyone, but I think the...

English: No offense to anyone, but I think the photos in the article for Folsom Field are pretty bad. I’m uploading these photos I took so I can put them on the article eventually. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I received the news on mothers day. My friend Joel Nelson and I were busy inventing a sport which I will write about later. I then heard that Jordan Webb, the primary starter at quarterback in Colorado’s abysmal 1-11 season, and Alex Lewis, who the day before announced his intent to transfer to Nebraska (smh), were arrested with suspicion of second degree assault.

The truth will come out, whatever it is. Of course the lawyers are playing the he said she said game. But in my humble opinion, the Buffs and Huskers should just cut their losses kick them off the team.

CU already has had issues a decade ago when there was that ridiculous recruiting sex scandal that was blown out of proportion. But if it was true or not it tainted the image of CU football. The Buffaloes have never been the same since that scandal, obviously, have never recovered.

So now here is a kid, who is one of your quarterbacks as well, that could be facing serious jail time if convicted. I usually will defend college kids who make mistakes, it happens. But assaulting someone at 3 a.m. when you are obviously intoxicated shows a huge lack in character.

Release him from the program and avoid the unfair image of convicts on the team.

English: Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska...

English: Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska: home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. On September 15, 2007 the then-#14 ranked Cornhuskers hosted the #1 ranked USC Trojans in the game of the week. Before 84,949, the Trojans felled the Huskers 49-31. This photo is of the pre-game entrance of the two teams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nebraska football, they are already in a good place. A top 20 program, a kid with cancer just scored a touchdown and met the president. Set the standard that anyone who behaves in that manner wont be a part of the Big Red Program.

Both schools have a decision, and it’s an easy one.

Go Buffs.


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