Really Mark Jackson, I mean Really?

Denver Nuggets primary logo and the Nuggets be...

Denver Nuggets primary logo and the Nuggets bench, including head coach George Karl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was tired last night. I had a long day and when I knew the Nuggets had Golden State beat in Game 5, I went to bed. I was pleased with the Nuggets play. They played physical and didn’t let the Warriors do whatever they wanted to do on offense like they had all series. They made life a nightmare for Steph Curry who only needed to get three 3-pointers last night to break the record for most three pointers in a players first five playoff games.

So I went to bed early only to wake up to find Mark Jackson was up late complaining about the Nuggets ‘Dirty’ play last night. At first I thought it was a joke, and a funny one at that, so I laughed. But then I realized he was actually serious about it.

“Am I crazy or was it the Warriors who got called for, not one, but two flagrant fouls last night?” I asked myself. Then I remembered, yes it was Andrew Bogut who put two hands to the throat of Kenneth Farried and shoved him to the ground midway through the second quarter. Who is calling who dirty?

George Karl could have made a case that Bogut could have been ejected with a flagrant 2 technical last night. I thought flagrant 1 technicals would be called if it is a hard foul but without the intent of hurting someone. Boguts foul was completely unnecessary. He had no vision of where the ball was and his intent was not to commit a hard foul, his intent was to push him down.

The officials made the decision to just make it a flagrant 1, which was likely the right decision, no need to throw a guy out in the playoffs for blowing a little steam when no one got hurt. But I was appalled to hear Mark Jackson calling the Nuggets dirty. Talk about a pot calling the kettle black.

The Nuggets were physical, got Steph Curry uncomfortable, and he had his worst shooting night of the series. The Nuggets played like the desperate team they needed to be in order to get back into a series. There was nothing dirty about it.

However, if I’m George Karl, I am smiling today. The fact they are complaining about it means the Nuggets are getting in their heads a little bit. Hopefully Denver can keep up the physical play tomorrow night in Oracle Arena. Then the Warriors will be crying for far more than a couple of hard fouls.

But Mark Jackson and Steph Curry both need to grow up. It’s the Playoffs, there are going to be some rough plays. I liked what Shaq said about it in the post game show on TNT.

“If I am Steph Curry, I am not going to be complaining about it, I am going to look at it as a sign of respect that this is the only way they can come close to stopping me.” Preach it Shaqtus.

So when it comes to what happened last night, the Nuggets should not apologize or feel bad for anything. They did what they needed to do and now hopefully, they can do it again Thursday.


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