A Sensative Topic

Yesterday the main topic on ESPN and in the NBA was that of Jason Collins. Collins, currently a member of the Washington Wizards, became the first pro athlete in one of America’s four major sports opened up as being gay.

Deep breath, sigh. The problem is if I say how I truly feel about this, Collins is made out to be a martyr and I am someone who is hateful. So before I say anything that may ruffle some feathers let me say this. I don’t hate Jason Collins. I don’t hate anyone who is gay. Jesus came to save everyone and he loves everyone. If you are gay and you read this, I accept YOU! I love YOU! I don’t however accept or love your sexuality.

I don’t have a problem with Collins or his decision to become openly homosexual. I do have a problem with ESPN and how they decided to deal with it. I have a problem with what we are starting to see in movies and what is on television.

As a Christian I don’t want to cast out the homosexual and damn them to hell. But I can’t, and I wont praise them either and say “Its all okay, you can love and have sex with anyone you want.” Is it politically correct? No, but when has the Bible ever been politically correct? Jesus himself was not politically correct. Politicians hated him, they saw him as a threat. He overturned tables, challenged authority and was followed by sinners.

That is why this is such a tough topic. If I say I find homosexuality a sin, it comes out like I hate the homosexual. Which I am trying to make clear I don’t. See if you can look at it like this. Do I hate dog fighting? Yes. Do I hate what Michael Vick did in the dog fighting circle? Yes. Is dog fighting a sin? Yes. Do I hate Michael Vick? Not at all.

Now people defend the behavior and say it is not a sin. But if you read the Bible and accept it, you will see that homosexuality is condemned as sinful behavior and needs to be dealt with like any other sin.

But then people don’t want to accept the Bible because of that and disregard that argument.

So lets look into our culture. More and more it is becoming acceptable to be gay or support homosexuality. Hollywood is trying to portray it as normal. In fact there is a television show called “The New Normal” and it praises homosexuality. But if it were so “normal” why is it that most of the worlds population is heterosexual? Heterosexuality has the gift of reproducing life, homosexuality does not. If you really think about it, there is nothing normal about it.

So back to ESPN. Every analyst praised him for coming out and being so brave. And Mike Wallace was crucified for tweeting his opinion on the matter. Why can’t it be acceptable for someone in the mainstream media to come out and say, “I don’t approve of this”?

This whole blog that I am writing could be viewed as offensive. But has it crossed anyone’s mind that it is offensive to me that I have to see people approving of this behavior whenever I change the channel?

For the final time, I don’t hate gay people. I hate their behavior. I am just tired of having it shoved in my face wherever I turn.

I know people will argue that they don’t have a choice and its genetic. But there are a lot of perverted people out there who are born with mental illness that causes them to murder and rape. Does that make it okay?


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